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Angel Athella Says Enjoyment, Not Exercise

Renowned psychic channeler Christina Hill shares Angel Athella’s wisdom regarding finding joy through movement of the body. She suggests reducing the effects of stressful life situations by engaging in vigorous movement that helps the mind transcend suffering.

Internal Spring Cleaning Tips from an Angel

The Angel Athella, who speaks through psychic channeler Christina Hill, offers advice on clearing away negative thoughts and going out into the world to find new teachers and new growth opportunities.

Angelic Guidance for Reprogramming Your Health

Angel Athella describes how our patterns of belief about ourselves impact our state of wellness. Speaking through renowned psychic channeler Christina Hill, Athella invites us to reprogram our minds and celebrate our own beauty.

Break the Pattern of Anger with Help from an Angel

An Angel named Athella speaks through psychic channeler Christina Hill to offer advice on how to first observe anger, master the challenge of becoming aware of it as an observer and then use this to break the pattern of behavior.

The Alignment of Femininity: Observations of an Angel

2017 saw the Women’s March in Washington D.C. and the #DayWithoutAWoman protest on International Women’s Day. The Angel Athella, channeled by psychic Christina Hill, shares her thoughts on the world’s energetic shift towards principles of the feminine.

Astral Travel or a Great Night’s Sleep? Angel Athella Invites You to Choose

Make the most of your time on the pillow with this advice from the Angel Athella, received through her channel, renowned psychic Christina Hill. You can travel out of your body, get a great night’s sleep without interruption or do powerful healing work while your body rests.

An Angel’s Guide to Overcoming Fear

Psychic channeler Christina Hill and her guide, an Angel named Athella, share wisdom on how to overcome fear and reside in place of love and trust. They also reveal how to know when one of life’s opportunities is calling to you through your fear and how to make room for it to come in by working through your fear.

Vegan Spirituality and Your Ideal Weight

Everyone’s body has its own unique optimal weight for ideal health and functionality. The lighter you eat, the lighter you become—not because you are eating less, but because you are ingesting Light materials and the cells of your body recognize what this is. Manifest your body’s correct weight.

Vegan Youthfulness

Learn an often-overlooked yet highly simplistic system for returning to and reclaiming your own youthful mind-body. Eating vegan is an integral part of this recipe for growing young. The Angel Athella's free book "Forever 25" details this path.

Meditation and Veganism

Combine these two practices and you are setting yourself up for total self-mastery, with increased pliability and depth to manifest on all levels. The brain and the mind-body vibration are exceedingly higher when there are no low-vibrational foods to slow things down.

Nurturing Your Psychic Child

Join renowned psychic channeler Christina Hill for a discussion and parents’ guide on how not to screw up your kid’s natural intuitive abilities. As a conscious parent, you may have become aware that your child exhibits signs of psychic ability such as seeing the colorful energy fields around living things, having contact with spirit beings or other such abilities. Learn how to nurture your child, set any of your own fears and judgments aside and let your child be his or her true self.
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